Pow! Crash! Fireworks!

07/11/2011 Comments Off on Pow! Crash! Fireworks!

ohmygosh, ohmygosh! We bought fireworks for Guy Fawkes Day, the first time we’ve bought them since moving/returning to New Zealand. I was so thrilled!

The fireworks we had as kids were somewhat flammable things that kind of glowed and sparked. On my childhood black market, we could get bottle rockets and M-80s. Those went bang. In only one colour, but at least they made noise.

The fireworks we had Saturday were nothing like those. They made lots of noise, they had pretty colours, they were impressive and fun. They shot up higher than anything I’d managed to get as a kid (well, there was this one Roman candle, but that’s a story by itself).

Here’s the other thing: they were cheap. The takeaways we had Friday night cost more.

I have added ‘fireworks’ to my list of things that are both cheaper and better than before, and adjusted my personal CPI accordingly.

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