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10/11/2011 Comments Off on Tales for another time

Rauparaha over at TVHE has expanded on this idea of economic narratives of the parties (thanks for the link!). I thought I’d save the comparative literature for tomorrow, but he’s got an interesting take on the inversion of National and Labour narratives:

Aren’t we more used to seeing that the other way around, with more libertarian types complaining about the system and progressives calling for more government intervention to save the day?

This emphasises the anachronism of Labour’s narrative. It harkens back to 19th c. and early 20th c. views of government in the pocket of big business. This is also the narrative of #OccupyWhateverWeCan, but it isn’t clear to me how far this narrative resonates with New Zealanders. I simply don’t know. The polling results suggest that maybe it isn’t a movie that audiences want to watch.

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