Profitable anxieties

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Dr Andrew Dickson is getting some press for his thesis, and good on him. I’ve seen presentations from the research and think he is on to something with this work. Stuff says:

Fat is a moral issue, according to new research that says the multibillion-dollar weight loss industry profits from manipulating people’s anxieties.

We like to talk about science delivering value to New Zealanders, but we don’t spend enough time and money figuring out what ‘value’ is. Dickson’s work is trying to delve into that difficult and complex area of how people think of the world and themselves, and what we ascribe value to.

In addition, the links to both the recent attempt in New York City to ban super-sized soft drinks and the other attempts to control others (or is that the Other?) are obvious. While Dickson focused on the individual’s experience, I think the analysis could be extended to consider inter-subjective issues.

Anywhere, here’s a link to one of his articles. I haven’t found a conference paper on line, but I’m sure he’d send you one if you asked.



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