Science iz 4 QTs! lol!!!

26/06/2012 § 2 Comments

Education — particularly maths and science education — is a topic that will get me on my soapbox. And yes, I’m prone to the ‘they’re all doing it wrong!’ school of curmudgeonry. Nevertheless, I can still be surprised, because the stupid never sleeps.

It seems that the EU — like all the other governments — has decided We Need More Scientists. One solution is to have more women in science jobs. After all, women are more than half the species. They need to pull their weight in the sciences! Or something like that.

Somebody ginned up a publicity video to get girls interested. Yay! [smilely face]! Only, well, it’s more lipstick than lab coat. Cause, yeah, y’know, the women scientists I’ve known were all about the bling.

I can’t link you to the YouTube video, because it has now been made private. There is still shame in the world. Or, at least, bad press. So let me send you to Martha Gill’s blog for the full story and some snippets of the original video.

Here’s a thought: how about actually teaching them all the interesting things about maths and science while they still want to learn them? I know, that’s just crazy talk.


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