Crowdsourcing translations

05/09/2012 Comments Off on Crowdsourcing translations

Thousands of United States citizens live in New Zealand. Some have lived here for many years, decades, even. We have learned to understand the New Zild accent, or, should I say, the many accents of Godzone.

Nor are we disloyal to our country of origin. For many reasons, we choose to live here, but we are certainly willing to lend a hand to the folks back home in times of need.

Like, y’know, when you’re trying to understand the PM.

I get it, really, I do. The consonants are a bit mushy, the vowels are different, the delivery can be a bit clipped. But it’s not that difficult and you do get used to it.

Let me point out, too, that this is the internet age. We can all connect up and share our collective wisdom/capabilities. There are wikis for all sorts of things, and crowdsourcing ideas and financing is The Next Big Thing.

So, Madame Department of State, let me make a humble suggestion. Next time the wind gets in your microphone and you’re tempted to say that a New Zealand speaker is [inaudible] or [garbled], let us have a crack. Just post the audio or video and your draft transcript, and we’ll collectively work out a decent translation.

We’ll get you sorted. You’ll be sweet as.



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