The Year of the Quants

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I’m a bit late getting to this, but the wonderful people at StatsChat are spreading the word about the Year of the Quants:

2013 is the International Year of Maths of Planet Earth and the International Year of Statistics. This is a once in a decade PR opportunity for the our discipline, AMSI is coordinating the national program for the year. We are looking for guest bloggers…

One of the events that caught my eye was ‘Optimization of Planet Earth Afternoon‘. Ironic that we are celebrating optimisation in ‘science, engineering, medicine, industry and elsewhere’ at the same time that non-optimisation methods in economics are gaining some column-inches. One does wonder about the ‘afternoon’ part — are we optimising only part of the day?

Celebrating maths and statistics is timely, given the performance of quantitative methods in the recent US general election. Doonesbury imagines the parade that should have been:

The International Year of Stats is here, and the Maths of Planet Earth (Australia) is here.



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