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Blogroll Amnesty Day extends over several days and doesn’t offer amnesty for anything (unless blogging is a crime, in which case only criminals will carry blogs). The backstory is over at skippy the bush kangaroo:

readers of this space know that b.a.d. is the holiday wherein we ask everyone in blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase) to link to 5 smaller blogs w/less traffic than theirs (no bad jokes about no blogs having less traffic than yours, please).

this way we all can introduce our readers to new voices in blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase)’ as well as giving greater exposure to blogs which may otherwise go unnoticed.

I’ll throw in a few links to other blogs, because it’s the connectedness that makes the Web work. It starts to make you think that Deleuze and Guattari were right, that we can all extend our bodies-without-organs into a developing, branching rhizome of liberating individualities. Until, of course, you remember that there is an architecture, an infrastructure, an — may I? — oberbau that makes it all possible but is not an emergent property of the blogosphere.

But an apology first. In general, I don’t know what other sites’ stats are, so I risk offending sites that are bigger than mine. So, I’m going for newer rather than smaller.

Other side of weight loss — a critical look at weight-loss, size-ism, and the weight-anxiety industry. I love that Andrew is using Lacanian theory to understand social, economic and cultural phenomena. The latest post on the demise of the fat capitalist (and the rise of stories like Paul Ryan’s PX90) has stuck with me.

Fair play and forward passes — a site about economics and sports. Absolutely brilliant if that’s your sort of thing, and Sam’s a nice guy, too.

The other side of business — sticking with the Massey University theme, here is a new-ish blog from the School of Management, which is working on new ways of communicating ideas with staff, students and the public.

Brennanmcdonald.com — Brennan used to blog on wellygnome, but has nabbed his own domain. He is blogging from a Gen-Y, trying-to-get-started-in-life perspective. It is a reminder to us comfortable, middle-aged types not to get too wrapped up in our own perspectives.

The off-work economist — James has been blogging longer than I have, and I have no idea what his traffic is like, but he gave us ‘Quantum theory and train passengers’. He also writes good R code, and for that alone should be shown some blog-love.

Happy linking!


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