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09/04/2013 § 3 Comments

I’ve been approached by a dad wanting an economics tutor for a Year 13 student in Wellington. Anyone interested? Suggestions?


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  • Matt Nolan says:

    I think the best way to get a tutor is to shoot an email at the admin staff at the Vic Uni economics department with the details, and they’ll send it along to eager Honours students who need money. Vic has always been good about these things – and someone who is teaching 1st at Vic is teaching the same material as year 13, so it is perfect.

    If I knew any honours students I’d offer to help getting you in touch, but I don’t sadly.

    • Bill says:

      Hi Matt –

      Yeah, tried that, and Vic doesn’t have enough to teach their own load, much less offer a Yr 13 tutor. I think I’ve solved the problem — I asked my first-year stats class and came up with a few volunteers. IRL might have beaten virtual this time.

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