Signing off

26/07/2014 § 8 Comments

Posting has been light here for a bit. Life has become too busy and complicated to blog, and I don’t see that changing. I have a new job that will require more focus and probably less mouthing off. Rather than trying to maintain this as something less than a halfway attempt at a blog, I’ll just sign off.

WordPress says there are 347 posts — that’s not too bad. I’ve enjoyed it and learned along the way. I hope you have, too.

Thanks for stopping by.

§ 8 Responses to Signing off

  • Donal Curtin says:

    Understand you have to flag it away, but well done – the blog was one of a kind, serious, intelligent, literate. Hope you have the opportunity at some stage to turn your mind to another one

  • That’s very kind of you, Donal — I appreciate it.

  • Try perhaps “Until the next time” rather than good-bye. Those of us who follow you by RSS will catch you next time you want to say something, and I’ll still scrape the non-Lacan bits over to SciBlogs 🙂

  • Marcie says:

    Besides hearing your voice in these blogs, I agree with Donal. I’ll miss this intelligent response to the media-driven, hysterical take on world economics. It is nigh on impossible to find anywhere else.

  • Chris Parker says:

    Cheers, thanks Bill. All the best

  • Seamus Hogan says:

    You will be missed, Bill. IWho is going to refer to Lacan in your absence? BTW, don’t forget to email your contacts with your new contact details and cellphone number.

  • James Hogan says:

    You’re blog has been a pleasure to read and an rare insight into the mind of a professional economic practitioner. A treat. You were also very kind with your encouragement of other bloggers in the bloggosphere, which I appreciated.

    I just want to echo Eric’s thoughts: I’m hoping this isn’t a eulogy to your blogging, but more a “cup of tea” 🙂

    See you in the cosmic soup Bill 😉

  • Thanks, everyone. Lovely of you all.

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