I have stopped posting here, as of 26 July 2014.

I’m an economist working in Wellington. Originally from the United States, I’ve now been in New Zealand for over a decade. I tend to assess things from an economic perspective – incentives, opportunity costs, and numbers. However, my academic training has been multi-disciplinary, which ends up colouring my view.

Disclaimer: I hope it is obvious, but this is a personal blog. The views expressed are personal observations and opinions. They do not necessarily represent the views of any organisation or employer with whom I am associated. No warranty is expressed or implied.

About the blog title: Leon Walras suggested the economy approaches equilibrium by groping towards optimal prices, a process called ‘tatonnement’. Wm B. Yeats suggested that a transformation was surely at hand, and some rough beast slouched towards Bethlehem. If, in fact, the arc of the moral universe bends towards justice (M.L. King, Jr), I’m guessing that it’s more through tatonnement than anything else.

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